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Briquetting Systems Get The Best Out of Grinding Sludge

Briquetting systems get the best out of grinding sludge
14 Feb 2020  |
Briquetting grinding sludge can pay off in many ways. Instead of paying a lot of money for disposal, cooling lubricants and oils can be recovered.

High costs can be saved through their subsequent re-use. Simultaneously you create compact, almost completely oil-free metal briquettes, which provide clear benefits from logistics and transport points of view, as there is no oil loose in the disposal containers. The pre-condition here is that a high-quality briquetting system is deployed, like the ones exhibited by RUF Maschinenbau, Zaisertshofen, at Grindtec 2020 in Hall 1, Stand 1033.

Ruf has developed the so-called valve technology, especially for briquetting grinding sludge. This enables the compression at a clearly defined speed with specific pressing pressure of up to 3,000 kg/cm². What has proved very important here is that the machines are equipped with particularly durable wear parts.

The manufacturer offers the possibility of a free-of-cost and non-binding test pressing in the Company’s own in-house technical center, for anybody who is interested in convincing themselves of the performance capabilities of Ruf machines with their own starting material. This is how the briquetting experts from RUF come up with the best individual solutions for every customer, quickly and simply.

At GrindTec 2020 in Augsburg, experts from Ruf will be explaining the technical principle and the application possibilities using a RUF 4/2300/60S as an example. It is equipped with a 4 kW hydraulic unit, which can achieve a specific pressing pressure of 2,300 kg/cm². With a material-dependent throughput of up to 80 kg/h, the system creates cylindrical briquettes with a diameter of 60 mm. Larger models can achieve a throughput of up to 400 kg/h.

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