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Convincing Results with a Strong Series Solution

Convincing Results with a Strong Series Solution
12 May 2020  |
At Metso Waste Recycling, we have developed a solution to boost the capacity of CHP plants. Customers have demonstrated impressive results, and Metso Waste Recycling is now taking the message to the global stage.

The size of the waste burned in a CHP plant is essential to the operation. If the fragments of waste are too large, it can lead to costly downtime during which the facility must be left idle for days, until the temperature is low enough to allow the work to be performed. This can be avoided with Metso Waste Recycling’s series solution, which meets BFB requirements for input material. The first M&J pre-shredder handles the coarse shredding, while the next one fine shreds it, thus ensuring that the input for combustion is small and homogeneous. Tests show that 95-96% of the waste can be reduced to under 120 mm in size.

Considerably less residual waste

Metso Waste Recycling’s solution has been installed in several CHP plants in Scandinavia with great success. We have succeeded in reducing the cost of operation and maintenance (typically by 50%), as well as significantly increasing the processing capacity at every site. Another great advantage is that the plants can handle larger waste fragments and are therefore less dependent on receiving the waste in specific sizes. More waste can then be run through the system – with even greater reliability and a better residual product.

Metso Waste Recycling’s solution with two machines in series is the ideal alternative to the pre-shredder and hammer mill and can be used for both grate and BFB boilers.

“Customers using our solution in BFB boilers tell us that the residue is of a higher quality. Most metal can be separated for recycling without shredding.”

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