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CBI machines and equipment from Terex Environmental Equipment includes high-speed grinders and large biomass chippers for the biomass recovery industry.

Why CBI (Continental Biomass Industries)

Since its founding in 1988, Continental Biomass Industries has changed the standard by which all wood grinder performance and support is now measured. Through a combination of state of the art design, the latest in materials technology and unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, the CBI name has become synonymous with performance and reliability in a broad range of grinding, shredding, chipping and flailing applications the world over.

Because no two applications are really alike, CBI treats each potential new installation as one that is unique. An off-the-shelf approach might work in some applications and businesses but it certainly has little place in CBI’s approach to business. The result of this focus on personal attention and customization is equipment that does exactly what the customer expects, when it is expected. This includes throughput estimates that are continually cited for their accuracy, and a level of support unmatched elsewhere in the industry. Because the CBI line extends across the full spectrum of the customer’s needs – including shredding, feeding, sorting, grinding, screening and conveying, a single-source system design is no longer a pipe dream.

Located in Southern New Hampshire, CBI enjoys the luxury of a workforce that embraces the New England high-quality work ethic. As a result, the company consistently produces reliable equipment that keeps customer operations running efficiently and economically and today enjoys one of the industry’s highest rates of customer loyalty. From its in-plant personnel to its managers in the field, CBI offers a highly-trained sales/support staff always available to answer your questions or provide the level of assistance you need to keep your company performing at its peak.

CBI (Continental Biomass Industries)
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