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TRS BV delivers recycling plants for a wide range of recycling purposes. Turnkey installations for the recovery of metals, further separation of various materials and finding innovative solutions are part of our scope.

TRS BV, based in Akersloot, The Netherlands, consists of a team that has over 15 years of experience in the international recycling industry. We are specialized in finding solutions to various problems and building practical recycling plants.

We focus on techniques for metal recovery from waste streams such as Incinerator bottom ash. We are able to offer a complete solution for processing bottom ash into a clean product and even to a building material!

This also includes the possibility of going a step further and cleaning the metal products to gain a higher value.

In addition to metal recovery also other separation techniques are part of our program. For example air separation techniques and density separation.

TRS has access to a fully equipped workshop with computer-controlled fabrication of the steel works. All production activities take place under one roof whereby coordination of the project(s) are monitored very closely.

From our central location, we are able to have technicians at our clients location on short notice to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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