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Cogelme Glass Crushers – Europe’s first choice among installations

Cogelme Glass Crushers – Europe’s first choice among installations
3 Mar 2021  |
Recently Cogelme supplemented it’s Glass Crushers series by newly developed models and today supplies a complete range of glass crushing solutions to fulfill all demands of glass recycling sector:
  • from glass pre-crushing to pulverizing
  • for hollow and flat glass crushing
  • for glass containers with liquids and food destruction
  • for production from 100 kg/h to 24.000 kg/h

There are two different glass crushing technologies manufactured by Cogelme: roll crusher and hammer mill.


Is optimal solution for:

  • Hollow glass (bottles, jars, syringes, etc.) crushing, which can be reduced down to 0-80 mm sizes range in the base of client’s needs.
  • For Flat glass (windows, etc.) crushing, which is crushed down to 0-20 mm sizes range.


Is the best solution when need to crush car glass, mirrors, as well other type of glass.

The Hammer Mill can be set-up to pre-crush glass or to crush down to very fine sizes – pulverize it.

Strong, industrial Cogelme machines are extremely resistant, long-durable and versatile.

Over 40 years’ experience in glass crushers manufacturing and collaboration with glass recycling companies, beverages, and food manufacturers, medical institutions positioned Cogelme among the main glass crushers supplies for the glass recycling industry all over the world.

Whether you need to pre-crush glass or to pulverize it,  to process low or very high production, Cogelme has a solution for you.

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