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ECOGLASS optical sorter: PICVISA’s Bestseller

ECOGLASS optical sorter: PICVISA’s Bestseller
13 Jun 2019  |
The ECOGLASS optical sorter was the first sorter developed by PICVISA. The product was launched in 2007 and, since then, it has been in a constant evolution: new models, more optionals and the introduction of many improvements and advances.

The ECOGLASS allows classifying and separating automatically several types of materials by color and/or shape.

The ECOGLASS models are designed to work in glass recovery processes and cleaning in different flows. These equipment are based on a versatile concept for easy adaptation to different processes where the material is crushed and sorting by means of color and/or shape is required. The optionals also allow the detection of lead contents in glass and ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The most popular optionals for this sorter are:

  • Double valve resolution: extends the machine’s range of blowing resolution up to 2mm.
  • Lead system: allows the detection of leaded glass.
  • Metal system: sensor bar system for metal detection within the flow to sort.
  • Frontal light: improves the detection of the material and obtains higher efficiencies in the visualization of the most complicated components.
  • Cleaning: fully automatic and configurable drop ramp cleaning system.
  • Valve self-test: allows detection of individual valve failure or loss of performance.
  • VPN: independent remote connection of the equipment for its control and maintenance.
  • Extreme temperature: system to control temperature in extreme conditions.

This 2019, in addition to all the optionals, PICVISA has incorporated a set of improvements and developments. The most important being the introduction of a new family of sorters, which incorporates improvements in different areas. The Seeglass (Ecoglass 1500) has been added to the Ecoglass 600 and the 1000. The improvement that stands out above the others is a better resolution thanks to a greater number of cameras per inspection width.

We have also improved access to maintenance, such as to the glass ramp or to the valves. Regarding the control of the valves, a new electronics has been incorporated and it allows receiving live information about their status. Improvements have also been incorporated at the remote access control, with an environment inspection camera.

At the signaling level, RGB LEDs have been added for different machine states and the user control is a new touch screen with more width of 15.6 inches. In addition, it collects and displays more user information at the level of productions, remote access, alarm control and equipment information.

All these improvements in the ECOGLASS equipment do not only allow a better performance. They also allow PICVISA to have a better configuration and adjustment of the equipment to offer a better service to our customers.

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