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A Real Problem Solver in the Field of Scrap Tyre Disposal

A real problem solver in the field of scrap tyre disposal
12 Apr 2022  |
HRV GmbH relies on TITAN 900 from ARJES for the shredding of heavy weight tyres.

HRV GmbH was founded in 1994 with the aim of offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the disposal of scrap tyres of all sizes and shapes. In 2011, the medium-sized family business was handed over to the second generation, leaving Sascha Kühnel and Jan Schenkel to successfully continue running HRV GmbH today. With their 50-strong team in the region of Central Germany, they are known on the market as problem solvers in the field of scrap tire disposal. 10 scrap tires or 10,000 tons of scrap tyres? Doesn’t matter, they are able to dispose it all.

All beginnings are difficult

In the mid-90s, the demand for professional scrap tyre recycling grew and the founders, Kühnel and Schenkel Senior, began to see their opportunities in this business field. They soon found their first customers in the region around Wernigerode. Since the Internet was still in its infancy at that time, they were sought and found in the traditional way via their entry in the telephone book. As a result, HRV created its first own logistics system to collect used tyres and then deliver them to the cement industry for further processing.

Clear the stage for the powerful ARJES TITAN 900

Every year, HRV GmbH shreds around 15,000 tons of tires to customer specifications. In doing so, it has set itself the goal of recycling as much of the waste produced as possible. The TITAN 900 has been in regular use since 2021 and takes on any type of tyre, no matter how massive, that arrives at HRV. With its powerful 550 hp Volvo Penta diesel engine and asynchronous shredding system, the powerful shredder manages to even shred several tons of EM tires with a high percentage of steel fabric. Thanks to the permanent magnet fitted as standard, this steel content is sorted out directly. After primary shredding, the tyres can be transported more efficiently or be fed directly to partner plants in the processing industry for secondary shredding or granulation. Sascha Kühnel believes that the particular strengths of the TITAN 900 lie in its mobility and powerful volume reduction of any tyre size, which also provides significantly more space on the plant premises.

Not every used tyre is suitable for material recycling. This applies, for example, to heavily soiled tires, colored tyres, tyres with any kind of metal fittings, self-sealing tyres with gel-like sealants and some more. According to the current state of the technology, they are seen as thermal recycling. However, the ARJES TITAN 900 may also be used to separately process this type of recycling. Thanks to the standard track system, recycling at HRV’s yard turns into child’s play. Going forward, Sascha Kühnel even plans to rent out the mobile shredder upon request to quickly and efficiently fight the problem of illegal dumping of used tyres.

Through research on the Internet, HRV GmbH became aware of a YouTube video in which the TITAN 900 shreds EM tires. Another recommendation was given to Managing Director Kühnel by his fellow business partner who had to deal with similar challenges and is now in possession of a TITAN shredder himself. The final persuasion came from ARJES sales representative Chris Erbe, who offered his customer the machine for a free test and was available to answer any questions with expertise. A short time later, the decision was made.

Sascha Kühnel and the HRV team are satisfied to have made the investment in the robust technology of the TITAN 900. Machine operator Bernd Wondrak, who accompanied us during the on-site demonstration of the machine, is also convinced of the undisputed performance of the TITAN 900.

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