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AutoLoadBaler Perfectly Integrated Into Existing Processes

AutoLoadBaler Perfectly Integrated Into Existing Processes
Conductix-Wampfler is a leading global manufacturer of systems for energy and data transmission. The mechanical engineering company currently has over 400 employees at its Weil am Rhein location and over 1,400 worldwide.

Conductix-Wampfler products can be found, for example, in high-bay warehouses, container ports, automobile production, theaters or amusement parks. One of London’s best-known attractions, the London Eye, is powered by Conductix-Wampfler technology.

When looking for new technologies in the logistics sector, Conductix-Wampfler first came across the AutoLoadBaler at LogiMAT 2018. “I was a little surprised to see a baler manufacturer at a logistics fair but the AutoLoadBaler was just on point for LogiMAT. Collecting the cardboard in the collection carts and the function of automatically emptying the carts made us rethink our disposal solution,” says Ralf Steiner, Warehouse Team Manager, Conductix-Wampfler. After the trade fair, Steiner decided to submit this special type of disposal in his area (goods receipt/warehouse) as a suggestion for improvement in the “Everlean” system.

After the trade fair, the AutoLoadBaler was quickly popular by Mr. Marcel Eichin, Manager Dispatching / Warehousing. The current disposal solution with a press container analyzed and compared with the AutoLoadBaler.

Disposal before: The cardboard boxes in the warehouse and in production were collected in garbage containers every day. To prevent the waste containers from overfilling so quickly, cardboard boxes were often shredded in advance. The risk of injury here was high and robbed the employees of valuable working time and strength. In the afternoon, a production employee with the full garbage bins made his way to the press container. The cardboard had to be picked up again and thrown into the press container. This filling process took about five to 15 minutes, depending on the fill level of the container and the weather conditions. If the press container was still full and could not be picked up in time, the employee had to walk to the alternative container. This meant walking another 150m until the garbage container could finally be emptied. “It took 20 minutes.There was no productivity and value for the employee. The working time of a production employee is very valuable and it was, therefore, important for us not to involve our employees in the disposal process! ”Reports Marcel Eichin, Manager Dispatching / Warehousing.

Overall, long walking distances and manual filling were the result of time-consuming and unproductive disposal.

Current disposal situation:

After the AutoLoadBaler at LogiMAT was completely convincing, it was clear that the disposal should be adjusted. Production, incoming goods and logistics should be freed from cardboard boxes. The idea, therefore, developed to integrate the AutoLoadBaler with its collection cart system into the tugger train. Since a tugger train supplies the production with material several times a day, it should also take the full collection wagons with it on its way. Conductix-Wampfler adapted the tugger train so that the employee can ergonomically and quickly place the collection cart on the tugger train. The AutoLoadBaler was then placed on the route, which means that the disposal of the cardboard packaging has been fully integrated into the existing processes. Marcel Eichin and Ralf Steiner are thrilled that the disposal is now an integral part of the ongoing processes. The company in Weil currently disposes of with the Strautmann AutoLoadBaler and 15 collection carts a total of 40t of cardboard and paper per year.

AutoLoadBaler function:

The tugger train takes a collection cart filled with cardboard onto its tugger train and drives it in the same way as the route to the AutoLoadBaler. The employee then pushes the full collection trolley into the side of the machine in seconds and takes an empty collection trolley with him again. In the meantime, the emptying process starts in the AutoLoadBaler. The ground of the collection cart is raised using a scissor lift table. Rotor rollers pull the material into the press chamber. The material is compressed into a directly marketable 400kg heavy bale with a pressing force of 53t. Marcel Eichin summarizes: “The AutoLoadBaler saves us time every day and our employees can work more productively. The integration into our existing processes worked great and we are proud of our modern disposal. For our ROI calculation, we only factored in the time saved and are already three years with the AutoLoadBaler including 15 collection vehicles. Here we assumed the lowest value of the time saving and did not include any revenue for bales. In addition, our employees are absolutely satisfied with the new disposal solution. The AutoLoadBaler convinces us all. “

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