What Goes Around

What Goes Around
The choices we made today will come back in the future. So let’s have a look at the environmental circle, called the circular economy.

How can separation and sorting waste close the loop reducing the need to extract new resources and let us leave a smaller carbon footprint for future generations? 

Generating minimum waste 

Beach cleaning is an important task worldwide, in Spain, with the aid of trommel screening bucket MB-S14 the separation of trash from the sand was done in an economical and fast way. By simply employing the MB Crusher attachment to an excavator the sand was screened and cleaned from the waste, getting the beach ready for the upcoming summer season. The grid size was chosen so that anything bigger was not going through the holes, keeping all large rubbish inside the basket. All the sand was cleaned and restored without leaving the site.

Keeping the area tidy 

A large quantity of brushwood can require time to be handled, in Romania the choice of a sorting grapple MB-G1200, set on a Volvo EC290, kept the job site clean and tidy, separating twigs from debris in no time. Set one on the circular economy is to divide the waste to then accurately process it. The precise selection speeded up the entire recycling process.

Avoid wasting time 

In the Czech Republic, with a Takeuchi TB1140, a client needed to separate debris from a house demolition to recycle all the rubble. A combo between a rotating grapple MB-G600 and an MB Crusher Bucket BF60.1 was the winning solution. Piece by piece, the house was torn down and all the waste recycled without having to leave the site, the reduced debris is used as filling and a complete job was done in 37 hours. Quietly, as the silent block installed on the sorting grapple assures that the neighborhood is not disturbed. Fast, quiet, handy. 

Flood prevention

Rivers are prone to floods so they need to be carefully managed. In Italy an MB-G600 mounted on JCBJS130 removing shrubs and tree branches fallen into the river, The cleaning will prevent flooding and the rotating grapple assures the precision needed in this type of landscaping jobs.

While in Greece, riverbank protection was an urgent need after a river overflowed its banks twice in a short amount of time. They choose to use gabion retaining walls and by using an MB’s screening bucket MB-S18, they filled the containment wall with locally sourced stones. Reusing what is available avoiding purchasing transporting the stones, permitted to secure the areas faster and cheaper. 

Don’t throw away

The City of Odessa found a way to reuse the soil recovered from the street sweepers. Instead of taking the waste, they collected to the landfill, they used a screening bucket MB-LS170 and a loader to sift the soil from the trash. The precious dusty ground was reused to form berms. 

 With the screening bucket, they would also have the option of selecting different sized screening panels in case the material they were processing was an odd size. 

The value of soil was also taken into consideration while building a sport citadel, in Italy. What best to give to the community a new multipurpose area while reusing the excavated land to the maximum. In this case, due to the use of a Shafts screener MB-HDS320 on a Komatsu PC230, the soil mixed with stones was separated, in one unique step. The thin part went through the RQ20kit, while the rocks remained inside the bucket, the entire recovery operation was done at the site, no transportation involved a huge reduction of carbon footprint. 

The circular economy is the boost to economic growth, embracing recycling and reusing made many companies competitive. We prove it can be easy. 

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