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Geldof is a leading European supplier of ‘Integrated Steel Solutions’ for the storage, handling and processing of bulk solids, liquids and gasses. We have a strong reputation in the realization of:

  • Dry bulk storage and handling projects
  • Storage tanks, tank terminals and tank maintenance
  • Pressure vessels and process equipment
  • Various other engineered solutions that often require a combination of high level competency in diverse technical areas.

With a proven track record in both fabricated equipment and turnkey projects that are renowned for their quality, functionality and durability, Geldof is a reliable solution provider, even for the most complex industrial challenges. Customers find in Geldof a flexible partner who thinks in synch with them and really cares about their projects in all of its dimensions.

Customers served by Geldof

Geldof has extensive expertise in the renewable and conventional energy, storage and transshipment, and oil and gas industries. We also serve a broad range of other industries. Geldof offers a unique combination of specialized engineering, fabrication and project management competency as well as organizational and operational excellence in every project. Our value-driven methodology is to use our customers’ specific needs as our principle focus. Furthermore, sustainability is a keystone in the company’s philosophy.

Part of Engicon

Geldof is part of the Engicon Group and so associated with sister company G&G International in Willebroek, Belgium. G&G is a world leading fabricator of pressure vessels, offshore wind farm foundations and a multitude of large, robust metal and/or complex engineered solutions. Through its steel service center, G&G is also a highly specialized contractor for plate prefabrication.

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