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Industrial recycling systems and equipment, components, accessories specifically used for processing and measuring recyclable materials.

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Conveying and Feeding

Conveying and feeding are vital in processing and measuring recyclable materials. Conveyors facilitate efficient material movement, ensuring seamless workflows, while feeders control material flow for precise measurements during recycling processes. These systems enhance overall efficiency and contribute to the effective utilization of recyclable materials across industries.


Plate conveyors
Box feeders
Screw conveyors
Vibrating conveyors
Apron feeders
Hopper feeders

Dust and odor control

Dust and odor control are pivotal in the processing and measuring of recyclable materials. Employed systems, such as ventilation and filtration, mitigate dust emissions, ensuring a cleaner environment. Odor control technologies, like chemical scrubbers, neutralize unpleasant smells, fostering a healthier workplace and promoting sustainable recycling practices.


Wet mist suppression systems
Dry fog dust suppression systems
Cyclone collectors
Cartridge collectors
Baghouse collectors

Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation and control are essential in processing recyclable materials. Moisture measuring systems optimize material quality, radiation detectors enhance safety, and mass flow meters ensure accurate flow rates. Metals analyzers improve sorting precision, while load volume scanners streamline volume measurements. Integrated software supports data analysis and process control, enhancing recycling efficiency and sustainability.


Moisture measuring systems
Radiation detection systems
Mass flow meters
Metals analyzers
Load volume scanners

Material Handling Technology

Material handling technology is crucial in processing recyclable materials, employing conveyors for efficient transport. Advanced sorting technologies, including robotics and optical sensors, aid in effective segregation. Automated packaging systems enhance efficiency, while precise weighing systems ensure accurate measurements, contributing to streamlined processing and utilization of recyclable materials.


Handling magnets
Container handling systems
Track loaders

Separation and Sorting Technology

Separation and sorting technology is integral to processing and measuring recyclable materials. Advanced systems, like magnetic separators and air classifiers, efficiently segregate materials based on properties. Optical sorting technologies further enhance precision by identifying and separating recyclables. These innovations contribute to streamlined processes, ensuring the optimal utilization of recyclable materials.


LIBS sorting systems
Robotic waste sorting systems
Sorting cabins
Overband separators
Bucket screeners

Size Reduction

Size reduction is a fundamental process in processing and measuring recyclable materials. Shredders, grinders, and crushers break down large items into manageable sizes, facilitating easier handling and sorting. This technology ensures efficient material processing, contributing to the effective recycling of diverse materials across industries.


Bale breakers
Bag openers
Hammer mills

Thermal Process Technology

Thermal process technology plays a crucial role in processing and measuring recyclable materials. Technologies like incineration and pyrolysis utilize controlled heat to break down materials, contributing to waste reduction and energy recovery. These processes not only aid in efficient material handling but also provide accurate measurements, ensuring sustainable utilization of recyclable materials.  


Plasma gasification

Volume Reduction Technology

Volume reduction technology is key in processing and measuring recyclable materials. Equipment such as compactors and balers compress materials, reducing their size for easier handling, storage, and transportation. This technology streamlines processing and enhances efficiency, ensuring optimal utilization of recyclable materials while facilitating accurate measurements in recycling operations.


Screw compactors
Screw presses
Pelleting Presses
Double screw presses
Briquetting presses
Open-end auto tie balers

Weighing scales and systems

Weighing scales and systems are essential in processing and measuring recyclable materials. Employed in various stages of recycling operations, these systems ensure accurate weight measurements for materials, aiding in efficient processing, packaging, and transportation. Precise data from weighing technologies contributes to optimized recycling processes and sustainability efforts within the recycling industry.


Crane scales
Belt scales
Loadout systems
Load cells
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