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Industrial recycling systems and equipment, components, accessories specifically used for processing and measuring recyclable materials.

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Conveying and Feeding

Conveyors and Feeders for recycling applications

What type of conveyor or feeder is needed? Conveying and feeding systems transport materials between two locations and are in particular useful for moving and spreading heavy materials. Conveying and feeding systems for recycling purposes are designed in a variety of types with different applications. Find Conveyor and Feeder Manufacturers in our Equipment Guide.


Plate conveyors
Box feeders
Screw conveyors
Vibrating conveyors
Apron feeders
Hopper feeders

Dust and odor control

Industrial dust and odor control system manufacturers

Dust suppression is a current challenge in waste handling and other recycling operations. Raised awareness and tighter regulatory standards are both contributing to the recycling industry to find more efficient and cost-effective methods of fugitive particle control. Although common at facilities treating organic material, the issue of odour control is significant across all sectors of the waste handling and recycling industry. Find global operating manufacturers of industrial dust and odor control systems that are used in waste handling and other recycling operationsin our Equipment Guide.


Wet mist suppression systems
Dry fog dust suppression systems
Cyclone collectors
Cartridge collectors
Baghouse collectors

Instrumentation and Control

Instrumentation and process control for waste management & recycling industries

What type of instrumentation or process control system is needed? All waste management and recycling systems require some degree of monitoring and control. The more complex an industrial process becomes, the more important it becomes that it is correctly controlled and monitored. Failure to install the right equipment can have a detrimental effect on productivity and efficiency. Find manufacturers of instrumentation and control systems in our Equipment Guide.


Moisture measuring systems
Radiation detection systems
Mass flow meters
Metals analyzers
Load volume scanners

Material Handling Technology

Find material handlers and attachments for scrap and waste handling and other recycling operations

There is a wide variety of material handers available for stacking and handling recyclable materials, sorting and separating recyclable materials and safe loading of screening machines, shredders or crushers. Find manufacturers of material handlers and attachments in our Equipment Guide.


Handling magnets
Container handling systems
Track loaders

Separation and Sorting Technology

Separation and sorting system manufacturers for waste handling and recycling applications

If there is one part of the recycling process that is not only complicated, but also hard, it is the part of separating and sorting the recyclables. Effective recycling relies on effective and efficient sorting. Separating the different elements found in waste streams is crucial for enabling the recovery of useful materials, minimizing the amount of material sent to landfill and allowing recyclable materials to find a new purpose. There is a wide range of sorting and separating technologies on the market today. Find manufacturers of separation and sorting systems in our Equipment Guide.


LIBS sorting systems
Robotic waste sorting systems
Sorting cabins
Overband separators
Bucket screeners

Size Reduction

Manufacturers of size reduction equipment and systems for waste handling and recycling operations

In order to transfer valuable waste materials into reusable materials, that can be reused as secondary raw materials, perfectly functioning, robust size reduction technology with specified material preparation and designed for continuous operation is needed. Find manufacturers of size reduction systems in our Equipment Guide.


Bale breakers
Bag openers
Hammer mills

Thermal Process Technology

Manufacturers of thermal waste treatment technology

Thermal methods for waste management aim at the reduction of the waste volume, the conversion of waste into harmless materials and the utilization of the energy that is hidden within waste as heat, steam, electrical energy or combustible material. They include all processes converting the waste content into gas, liquid and solid products with simultaneous or consequent release of thermal energy. Thermal methods for solid waste management include: Gasification, Pyrolysis, Plasma and Incineration. Find manufacturers of thermal waste treatment technology in our Equipment Guide.


Plasma gasification

Volume Reduction Technology

Manufacturers of solid waste volume reduction technology

Reducing the volume of solid waste is fundamental for further recycling and transportation processes. With an eye on the future, preventing volume of materials to end up in landfills will become more and more important. Finding the right manufacturer for your balers, presses and compactors is important for the quality and speed of the recycling process. Find volume reduction equipment manufacturers in our Equipment Guide.


Screw compactors
Screw presses
Pelleting Presses
Double screw presses
Briquetting presses
Open-end auto tie balers

Weighing scales and systems

Weighing systems and Scales for Waste and Recycling Applications

Weight data plays an essential role in waste management or recycling industries. From tracking the amount of garbage collected to monitoring inputs and outputs during materials recovery through to extracting energy and disposing of waste, weight information is key to legislative compliance and operational efficiency. Find weighing equipment and scale manufacturers in our Equipment Guide.


Crane scales
Belt scales
Loadout systems
Load cells
Load more

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