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Luís Seguí - PICVISALuís Seguí (PICVISA MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS, S.L.)Born in Valencia, Spain but living in Barcelona since 1991, Seguí studied informatic engineering. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Seguí started a new technological project alongside his father and brother. This family-project evolved during the years and is now our company: PICVISA. The company started as a project for quality control through artificial vision in industrial processes. In fact, PICVISA’s first client was a ceramic company who wanted to check which tiles weren’t good enough to sell. It was between 2004 and 2006 when the company entered its current sector: optical sorting for the recycling and waste management companies. In the company, Seguí has held different positions. He first started developing the software needed to start the PICVISA project but soon began to lead some of the most strategic clients and partners of the company. With the company entering the recycling sector, Seguí took the role of Technical Director. During these years, PICVISA grew exponentially in the national market being the only Spanish manufacturer of optical sorters and also starts selling internationally, mostly in the EU and in North and South America. In 2017, with the company modernization and restructuration, Seguí became PICVISA’s CEO, a title he still holds today.Expert in: Separation and Sorting Technology
Eric van LooyEric van Looy (Sense2Sort – Toratecnica)Being a technical engineer, Eric has spent more than 2 decades on the development of sensor based sorting technologies to advance recycling processes. Since 2006 he pursued automated spectroscopy technologies like XRF (at that time also together with Tom Jansen) and LIBS. Today, sorting has become possible to an unmet extend and with the second generation of Sense2Sort LIBS sorters, it has become possible to identify the elemental composition of each metal piece at high throughputs and up to 6 fractions with one machine. Sense2Sort-Toratecnica focuses on sustainable, reliable and responsible solutions for a max of eco-economical sorting sense. This also involves the design of advanced sorting plants and consultation work.Expert in: Separation and Sorting Technology
Maximilian Gutmayr, international sales manager at Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH since 2017Maximilian Gutmayr (Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH)Maximilian Gutmayr, international sales manager at Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH since 2017, is an expert for shredding systems, hammer mills as well as complete recycling solutions. After studying Economics at University of Augsburg and different stations abroad, e.g. Japan, Switzerland, etc. he joined the company Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH and is now responsible for worldwide projects and the constant business development. The company Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH has experience in the recycling branch since more than 40 years and delivers shredding solutions and turn-key recycling plants to customers all over the world, e.g. electronic scrap treatment plants, refrigerator recycling plants, solutions for metal swarf treatment, cardboard processing, and many more applications. The worldwide demand for recycling solutions in the environmental branch and of course the changing material mixtures increased over the last years drastically especially in Asian countries where Mr. Gutmayr is an expert in. You can contact Mr. Gutmayr by phone +49(0) 8191965240 or via email: m.gutmayr@erdwich.de for further questions.Expert in: Separation and Sorting Technology, Size Reduction, Volume Reduction Technology
Tom Jansen - TOMRA RecyclingTom Jansen (TOMRA Recycling)After studying Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Tom started working as Sales Engineer at Innov-X Systems. He initially focused on selling handheld XRF equipment in the Benelux, while gradually extending the geographical territory over the years. From 2007 he was heavily involved in the pioneering of automated XRF sensor technology, bringing this new technology to the metal scrap market worldwide. Tom joined TOMRA Sorting (then Titech GmbH) in 2011 as Sales Manager responsible for the Metal Recycling market in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since then, in his role as Segment Champion for the ELV shredder segment, he has also supported the metal recycling market in the Middle East region, Italy, Greece and projects in several other countries.Expert in: Separation and Sorting Technology
Avatar photoStefan Lewandowski (Presona AB)Stefan Lewandowski is an expert in all matters regarding heavy duty horizontal balers for a wide range of industrial applications. Stefan has travelled all over the world for the last 10 years sharing his knowledge in volume reduction technology in general and pre-press horizontal balers in specific.Expert in: Volume Reduction Technology
Angelo MinoldiAngelo Minoldi (HSM GmbH + Co. KG)Angelo Minoldi is working in the environmental technology sector for almost 25 years, 20 years of that in the baling presses sector. His experience ranges from machinery development to project manager and head of the technical department. He is specialised in baling presses, shredders and recycling solid waste sorting plants. Since 2014 he is part of the project engineering team at HSM Germany and creates customized solution for the waste recycling area all over the world.Expert in: Size Reduction, Volume Reduction Technology
Patrick Henzler - WeimaPatrick Henzler (WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH)WEIMA Sales Director Patrick Henzler is a proud and experienced member of the WEIMA family since 2007, after he graduated from the University of Essen, Germany as B.A in Economics three years earlier. Patrick is a business expert for all kinds of shredding and recycling solutions, especially for the plastics and waste markets. One of his latest responsibilities is the development of the Indian recycling market where WEIMA founded a joint venture with the regional partner company Kiron in 2019. In the last decades, Patrick has worked with a variety of well-known customers worldwide – e.g. Plastika Kritis, Jindal Polyfilms, CEDO, Geocycle.Expert in: Size Reduction, Volume Reduction Technology
Erik Kuenen - Goudsmit - RecyclingInsideErik Kuenen (Goudsmit Magnetics Group)My name is Erik Kuenen. I am the international Sales Manager for Goudsmit Magnetic Recycling Systems. With over twenty years of experience in the waste and recycling branch, I am your specialist for magnetic and non-ferrous systems. From Waalre, the Netherlands, Goudsmit designs and manufactures magnetic systems for metal separation and metal recovery. Having 60 years’ experience within the industry, we maintain very high-quality standards. As reprocessing several waste flows becomes more and more refined, environmental demands get higher and higher. To keep up with the demand, our company continues to develop new types of magnetic systems that exceed customers' high standards. We invite you to come and test your materials in our test centre in Waalre. This enables you to determine which magnetic system is best for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. By phone +31(0)612150238 or email: eku@goudsmit.eu. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erikkuenen/.Expert in: Conveying and Feeding, Material Handling Technology, Separation and Sorting Technology
Tom Higginbottom (Bunting-Redditch) - Expert RecyclingInsideTom Higginbottom (The Bunting Group)Tom Higginbottom specialises in providing recycling companies with support and advice on metal separation and recovery. Tom’s onsite experience means that he understands the challenges faced within a recycling operation and is able to provide practical solutions. When managing a recycling project, Tom is involved at every stage from the initial site meeting and review, through material testing at Bunting’s Customer Experience Centre, equipment recommendation, and installation and commissioning. Recent projects include an ElectroStatic Separator for an electronics waste recycler, Overband Magnets and an Eddy Current Separator for a pre-sorted household refuse recycling operation, and a Stainless-Steel Magnetic Separator for a metal recycler.Expert in: Conveying and Feeding, Material Handling Technology, Separation and Sorting Technology
Patrick Potzinger 2020 - freigegebenPatrick Potzinger (REDWAVE)Patrick Potzinger is Head of Sales at REDWAVE’s head office in Austria. Patrick has a technical education and started at REDWAVE in project management in 2005. In 2010, Patrick became sales engineer in glass recycling and has been serving clients worldwide with a focus on English-speaking countries ever since. Patrick was promoted to Head of Sales in 2017 and has continued his unwavering commitment to finding the best feasible solutions, always delivering frank and straight-forward communications with both his team and his clients.Expert in: Separation and Sorting Technology