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Imperial Metal Products Inc. / Jersey Crusher manufactures a complete line of crushers, delumpers, shredders and systems for chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, food, minerals, pulp, glass and bulk waste reduction for the recycling industries.

Whether you are a top-of-the-line processing company or a small manufacturing company just starting out, JERSEY CRUSHER can help increase your profits and reduce your costs in many ways.

We offer a complete line of size reduction machines and systems. One of which will surely fit your application requirements.

Process applications which require reducing or breaking up of can be slowed down to a snails pace from problems caused by lumps or caked up pieces which inhibit production flow. When using a JERSEY CRUSHER size reduction machine, lumps and caked up pieces are broken up and size reduced ready for processing. Incorporating a JERSEY CRUSHER machine will increase your systems productivity and flow rate and decrease your downtime – resulting in increase dollar profits.

Imperial Metal Products Inc.
8 W Chimney Rock Rd.
Bound Brook
New Jersey
United States
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