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At EmiControls, we offer tailor-made solutions to fight fires, dust, and odors – and we do it with the help of water mist. The small droplets of water achieve a far better effect than conventional methods because they create a larger water surface.

Our in-depth know-how in mechanical engineering and, above all, in water atomization, has enabled unprecedented results in a wide variety of areas.

Safety in firefighting – be it for emergency services or structural protection – can be increased enormously, thanks to water mist. This water mist quickly saps the energy from the fire and significantly increases the cooling effect.

In dust control, the fine droplets of water combine with the dust particles and bring them to the ground. Optimal control of dust requires the correct distribution of the water droplets, and we at EmiControls have perfected this process.

Our odor control is already being used successfully in composting and recycling plants and creates a better environment for employees and neighbours.

We also offer a solution for mechanical evaporation as well as disinfection solutions for indoor and outdoor areas.

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