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VHV Anlagenbau GmbH was founded by its managing directors Bernhard Veltmann, Georg Hagemann and Bernhard Verlage in Hörstel, Germany in 1995. The medium-sized company has become established on the international market with the development and manufacturing of innovative conveyor systems technology.

VHV is already one of the global market leaders in all areas of bulk materials technology, however in particular in the brick and foundry sectors. But the systems are also widespread in the pit and quarry industry and recycling and processing technology.

This success of the conveyor belt systems is due to the economical and flexible application at the customer’s. Tailor-made solutions with extremely space-saving design and clean production sites at the customers’ are guaranteed by VHV Anlagenbau’s innovative conveyor systems technology.
The customers are already accompanied when planning the systems or works, making it possible to develop extremely efficient concepts.

VHV Anlagenbau also offers cover belt conveyors and double belt conveyors for the steep conveyance of bulk materials. If belts with a smooth surface are used here, it is possible to convey very steeply and even vertically up to a height of 30 metres.

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