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Bronneberg Recycling Equipment and Solutions

Bronneberg Recycling Equipment and Solutions
17 Feb 2023  |
Since 1946 Bronneberg is a Dutch developer, producer, and supplier of reliable and innovative recycling equipment. This family-owned business is located in Helmond, the Netherlands. As a well-known player in the global recycling market, Bronneberg’s recycling machines stand out in terms of reliability, quality, and innovative technology. Their products range from small cable recycling machines to very large ferrous and non-ferrous scrap balers and shears.

Bronneberg Alligator Shears

Alligator shears are widely used in scrap yards around the world. They are ideally suited to cut and clean scrap metal and separate the different alloys, increasing their purity and value. The Forfex Alligator Shear series is fully produced by Bronneberg mechanics. They are reliable, efficient, easy to operate and most important, built to last.

Bronneberg Metal Balers

Metal Balers are one of the recycling solutions Bronneberg offers to reduce the volume of the material. Bronneberg offers a wide range of scrap balers, which are being used to bale aluminium scrap, steel scrap and copper wires. The Bronneberg Balers are fully engineered, designed, and manufactured by Bronneberg itself. With many years of experience and users throughout the world, these balers are developed to work in the toughest environments.

Bronneberg Car Flatteners

Looking to reduce the volume of your ELV (End of Live Vehicles) to reduce transportation costs? Based on a proven technique, Bronneberg Car Flatteners are the ideal solution for this. Fully engineered and produced by Bronneberg, these flatteners can be supplied with electric drive or stages diesel motor. The car flatteners can be installed at any location and are standard equipped with a container hook-lift system, to easily move the flattener to different locations.

The described machines in this article are only a handful of the recycling innovative solutions Bronneberg is able to offer. They also offer cable stripping machines, car balers, shear balers, shredders, container loaders, and more.

Bronneberg offers a full-service solution which can help keep the downtime to a minimum during maintenance work on your recycling machine. Bronneberg’s experienced maintenance technicians specialize in the installation, repair, refurbishment, and maintenance of the customers recycling equipment.

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Bronneberg is a well-known player in the global recycling market. Bronneberg’s recycling machines stand out in terms of reliability, quality and innovative technology. Bronneberg offers complete solutions for the recycling industry. We develop, produce and...

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