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TANA Shredders Cut down on Waste Volume and Excessive Costs in Pickens County

23 Apr 2024  |
We looked at over 700 shredders, and TANA was the only one that they told us you could put a mattress in, so that’s the one we demoed.

“Within three weeks we had one ordered. The great thing about the TANA shredder is it eats just about anything.

We do brush, we do tires, we do mattresses.

The list of things that we run through this machine is endless,” says Steve Raines, Director of Solid Waste for Pickens County.

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Tana Oy is a Finnish environmental technology company founded in 1971. Tana is one of the leading developer and provider of mobile equipment for solid waste management by using scalable business model and global distributor...

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