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2021 To Continue Evolving Waste Recycling Technology With PICVISA

2021 To Continue Evolving Waste Recycling Technology With PICVISA
The end of one year and the arrival of another always mark a moment to reflect on what is left behind and what is to come.

Undoubtedly, the 2020 review will be unusual, with many moments to forget accumulated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The positive is that in a scenario as difficult as the current one, the opposite is optimism.

For this reason, at PICVISA we have wanted to review some of the company’s recent success stories, in which we remain determined to develop and produce separation and classification technologies and equipment, under continuous innovation.

Separation Of PET And HDPE Containers With ECOPACK 3000

We started “traveling” to Riba de Ave (Portugal), where PICVISA supplied and installed an ECOPACK 3000 optical separator with a double track in a light packaging sorting plant. In it, PET and HDPE are mainly separated, two fractions that are classified by the optician.

How? ECOPACK 3000 is divided into two channels. The first channel, “track 1”, is where the fraction of 3D wheels that come from the ballistic separator passes through. The optical classifier separates the PET by blowing it out of the flow and the rest (the ejection fraction) is taken to the second channel of the classifier, “track 2”. So that’s when the optician blows out the HDPE.

The PICVISA project team worked side by side with the client and achieved a final characterization capable of providing very good results.

ECOPICK For Recycling Plastics From Pharmaceutical Waste

We stayed in Spain to review another success story, but with our robot based on artificial intelligence (AI), ECOPICK. This machine, capable of recognizing and classifying a wide variety of objects on a conveyor belt, was the solution that PICVISA provided to a pioneering plant specializing in the recycling of pharmaceutical packaging and waste in Spain.

The ECOPICK robotic unit, custom-designed and incorporated in its facilities, is capable of separating with greater efficiency and speed the waste of different packaging and materials from the Sigre points. The robot is equipped with a special Ø20mm suction cup that is configured to suction off various materials. Specifically, it reaches up to 8 different types of classifications with a purity of 95%.

The installation was carried out in four phases: commissioning, dataset checks, performance tests, and finally, collateral table checking.

ECOGLASS And The Improvement Of Glass Recycling

And we went to Mallorca, where, in the industrial estate of Ses Veles in Bunyola, he addressed the expansion of production and renovation of a glass treatment plant with PICVISA.

The plant, which had registered an increase in input material in recent years, while anticipating an evolution in the coming years, wanted to expand its production capacity by 30%. A percentage that would translate into the 25 ton / h of selective collection glass input.

Within this expansion project, the plant added three new generation large-format equipment from the ECOGLASS family. At the same time, it opted for the modernization of the optical separation equipment of the original project. Thus, all the software and electromechanical advancements developed over the last decade were added to the original equipment. In addition, a new non-ferrous metal separation equipment was added and a general overhaul of the entire plant was carried out.

In this case, PICVISA returned to the head of a project that it had already led in its origin and in its first expansion. For its part, the recycling company made a firm commitment to the glass recycling sector and prepared itself to face the challenges of the sector.

In 2021, at PICVISA we will continue to advance clinging to innovation, technology, sustainability, and service orientation, the values ​​that define us as a company and that have positioned us as leaders in the sector in our 18 years of experience.

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