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Material Handling Technology

Material Handlers for Recycling Applications

Whether it be highly dusty indoor operations or materials sorting and loading operations as part of the recycling process, material handlers impress wherever speed, precision, and robustness are called for.


Material handlers in the waste management industry take over the often complex, heavy, and hazardous repetitive actions.

Recycling material handlers are used for various tasks to improve efficiency and increase the output of materials in the recycling and waste management sector.

Crawler material handlers, bulldozers and crawler loaders, mobile material handling machines, wheel loaders, and telescopic handlers all separate, sort, and load recyclables and solid waste quickly and reliably. These recyclable materials range from glass, metal, wood, paper, agricultural waste, and many more.

There is a wide variety of waste handers available for stacking and handling recyclable materials, sorting and separating recyclable materials, and safe loading of screening machines, shredders, or crushers.

Waste handlers are purpose-built material handlers for the waste handling and recycling industry to perform high-volume material handling duties in indoor or open terrain settings.

These high-volume material handling duties may consist of unloading, sorting, size reduction, and reloading materials in the recycling industry.


The recycling industry requires a wide range of material handler attachments for various handling needs. The ease of changing out extensions on material handlers has increased, allowing for more time- and cost-efficient usage.

There are four primary material handler attachment categories to consider: magnets, crushers, shears, and grapples. Of course, combinations of attachments are also available, such as crusher magnets or magnet grapples.

Magnetic attachments
Magnetic attachments lift ferrous scrap by electromagnetic force to sweep an area clean of scrap. Magnetic attachments also enable the material handler to move the small scrap particles around, which is significantly more challenging for other scrap handler attachments.

Crusher attachments
Crushers are often attached to material handlers to break down scrap into sizes that are easier to move around. Crusher attachments are excellent in heavy-duty material handling applications, especially when dealing with construction and demolition waste.

Shear attachments
Shear attachments in material handling applications are an efficient tool for cutting scrap waste. Shear attachments are much required when dealing with metal or steel materials that must be reduced in size and are primarily applied in scrapyards.

Grapple attachments
Scrap handling often requires the transportation of oddly shaped items; for this, a grapple attachment is ideal. A grapple attachment is a hook or claw used to catch or hold something. Because of their versatility, grapple attachments can pick up almost any material, depending on the type of grapple used.

Material handlers are the right choice for recycling applications because they efficiently perform complex and precise tasks in demanding environments.

As varied as the different applications and the related requirements on the machine are in the recycling industry, so reliable and versatile, and these material handlers present themselves to these challenges.

Whether it be highly dusty indoor operations or materials sorting and loading operations as part of the recycling process, material handlers impress wherever speed, precision, and robustness are called for.

This Technology Zone offers an insight into the latest innovations in material handler technology for recycling and waste management.

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Experts for Material Handling Technology

Xu Xifeng, the founder of Keson and vice president of Jiangsu Low Carbon Environment Design Institute of China. He has been engaged in solid waste recycling industry for more than 10 years, and has unique insights on solid waste overall solutions and resource recovery and sorting systems. He has visited well-known solid waste treatment companies in the Middle East, Europe, America and other regions, introducing standardized, refined and systematic management concepts of global top enterprises to his enterprises, and transforming advanced technologies and processes into productive forces. Within five years of solid waste sorting technology and waste resources in the field of rapid layout, his products are sold in 17 countries and more than 40 regions.
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Tom Higginbottom specialises in providing recycling companies with support and advice on metal separation and recovery. Tom’s onsite experience means that he understands the challenges faced within a recycling operation and is able to provide practical solutions. When managing a recycling project, Tom is involved at every stage from the initial site meeting and review, through material testing at Bunting’s Customer Experience Centre, equipment recommendation, and installation and commissioning. Recent projects include an ElectroStatic Separator for an electronics waste recycler, Overband Magnets and an Eddy Current Separator for a pre-sorted household refuse recycling operation, and a Stainless-Steel Magnetic Separator for a metal recycler.
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