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Dust and odor control

Dust and odor control are pivotal in the processing and measuring of recyclable materials. Employed systems, such as ventilation and filtration, mitigate dust emissions, ensuring a cleaner environment. Odor control technologies, like chemical scrubbers, neutralize unpleasant smells, fostering a healthier workplace and promoting sustainable recycling practices.


Wet mist suppression systems
Dry fog dust suppression systems
Cyclone collectors
Cartridge collectors
Baghouse collectors

Other manufacturers

Best-Chem Limited
Buffalo Turbine
Coolfog Access Environmental Systems
Coolmist Systems Australia
Corgin ltd
Costruzioni Nazzareno
Ecomation Oy
EMS Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions
GENSCO Equipment, Inc.
Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Hoecker Polytechnik GmbH
Impact Air Systems
Inciner8 Limited
Jansen & Heuning bulk handling systems
Kernic Systems, Inc.
MB Dustcontrol B.V.
Micron Sprayers
MTB Group
Nederman Holding AB
O.M.A.R. S.R.L.
Odour Services International Ltd
Parnaby Cyclones
Phoenix Industries
Resource Converting, LLC
Verantis Environmental Solutions Group
Walair Separation Systems

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Experts for Dust and odor control

Xu Xifeng, the founder of Keson and vice president of Jiangsu Low Carbon Environment Design Institute of China. He has been engaged in solid waste recycling industry for more than 10 years, and has unique insights on solid waste overall solutions and resource recovery and sorting systems. He has visited well-known solid waste treatment companies in the Middle East, Europe, America and other regions, introducing standardized, refined and systematic management concepts of global top enterprises to his enterprises, and transforming advanced technologies and processes into productive forces. Within five years of solid waste sorting technology and waste resources in the field of rapid layout, his products are sold in 17 countries and more than 40 regions.
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