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American Baler Introduces New Horizontal Baler

American Baler Introduces New Horizontal Baler
6 May 2019  |
New at American Baler is the new 8043-HSL-11225. They took the very successful 8043 horizontal recycling baler and strapped on 225 horsepower to create the fastest cycle time in the industry (7.8 seconds).

OCC 30 tph and high grades to 40tph.  Past units came in a 10” cylinder or 12” cylinder.  The new design provides the best of both world – high speed cycle time and heavy export bales.

American Baler Introduces New Horizontal Baler

In small baling application our distribution warehouse balers continue to be the leader in this space offering a “no shear” solution for traditional warehouse set up boxes as well as a shear system for mixed corrugated flats and setups.  American Baler has added a wider feed opening – 30”, 42”, and 48” and 50-83” long.  Providing the bigger feed opening for larger corrugated materials really improves the baling solution. 

In the area of trim balers used in the packaging, folding carton, corrugated box manufacture and data destruction applications – American continues to innovate with faster balers and heavier bales.  New in this sector is advance cooling systems to protect your hydraulic oil.

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