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Keson’s C&D Waste Resource Recycling Project in Nanjing, China

Keson’s C&D Waste Resource Recycling Project in Nanjing, China
This C&D Waste Resource Recycling Project is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, which is invested by Nanjing Environment Group, covering an area of about 37000 M2. Keson is responsible for the process design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the project equipment system.

This project is mainly composed of 3 production lines– a 300,000 T/Y decoration waste treatment line, a 200,000 T/Y construction waste treatment line, and a whole brick making line. As the largest C&D waste recycling project in Nanjing, its annual processing volume of 300,000 tons of decoration waste is equivalent to solving the waste generated by 100,000 households of 100 square meters of fine decoration and can be made into 30 million standard bricks, which greatly improves the treatment and recycling utilization capacity of Nanjing C&D waste.

Project Features

The decoration waste treatment line uses the comprehensive treatment process of “two-step crushing + three-step screening + multi-step debris sorting”, to screen, break and purify layers of complex decoration waste. The construction waste treatment line uses the “three-step screening and two-step crushing” disposal process, the recyclable materials in the waste, such as brick, stone, and concrete can be made into plaster, building mortar, and even lattice bricks, permeable bricks, recycled road bricks, etc. Scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and other metals can be made into various specifications of steel. Wood, plastic, doors and windows and other combustible materials can be used as fuel rods or for incineration power generation.

The core equipment of the line includes crushing system, magnetic separation system, air separation system, screening system, manual sorting system, AI robot system, etc. The processing system has the characteristics of “advanced nature, energy saving, intelligence, safety, environmental protection and growth”. Through the “three-step screening and two-step crushing” process, the perfect treatment of different geographical diversity of materials, truly turn garbage into treasure, and becomes a useful material for urban construction.

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