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Doppstadt Improves the DZ 750 Universal Shredder

27 Feb 2018  |
CALBE - Doppstadt, the environmental technology company, now offers its DZ 750 Combi universal shredder with even more powerful components. This combination shredder is designed to handle even the hardest job, and now not only has a new, efficient drive unit, but also an even higher metal separation rate and an intelligent hydraulic control system.

More power, longer service life and a magnet that attracts everything to it.

Its new Volvo motors provide around 700 HP for pre-shredding and supplementary shredding tasks. This machine really comes into its own when shredding heavily contaminated material. The slow-running pre-shredding process efficiently breaks down the material so that the new main magnet can easily separate out any large iron parts. The fast-running supplementary shredding process then produces a marketable end product. Thanks to its 1,000 litre diesel tank, this machine can even cope with long days of continuous operation.

Three in one: The DZ 750 is built to handle highly complex shredding tasks with ease.

Doppstadt Universal Shredder

It’s combining the three processes in one machine that makes the DZ 750 so effective. When working in its primary area of operation – processing heavy, scrap wood – it processes lightweight chipboard panels and bulky rail sleepers with the same efficient expertise. Designed for use with different-sized grinding teeth and a range of rear baskets, the DZ’s flexibility is an added bonus. Also ideally suited for processing green waste and root timber for biomass.

Every part of the machine and its processes are designed for long-term use: only high quality materials and expert manufacturing techniques, all of which meet the highest standards, have been used to build it, to ensure durability and robustness. Maintenance times and downtimes are kept to a minimum, and customers can be sure the machine will run reliably and economically, year after year.

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