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The Greener Manufacturing Expo 2024

The Greener Manufacturing Show NA 2024
The Greener Manufacturing Expo 2024

Greener Manufacturing Expo is the must-attend event for any sustainability focused company looking to reduce the impact of their industrial and manufacturing processes on the environment and global climate change through renewable and circular manufacturing solutions.

Sustainable Materials

Source the latest and next generation of sustainable materials. Everything from natural, compostable, bio-based, and renewable materials, through to recycled materials, secondary raw materials, and sustainable plastics.

Product categories: Biopolymers & bioplastics, natural raw materials, recycled and secondary raw materials, bio-based adhesives, resins, lubricants and coatings, sustainable & recycled plastics, bio-based foams, industrial biotechnology, compostable solutions, material testing and validation.

Green & Sustainable Chemicals

Reduce dependency on fossil resources and discover the next generation of greener chemicals created from bio-based renewable feedstocks. See the latest solutions that will enhance your products and reduce your environmental impact.

Product categories: Bio-based chemicals, renewable chemicals, bio-based solvents, biofuels, biorefinery technology, processing technology, lab testing equipment and services, chemical recycling, solvent recovery and reuse, Co2 as a feedstock.

13 Nov 2024 - 14 Nov 2024

Cologne Messe

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