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Latest AMCS Platform Release Makes World-Leading Technology Accessible for All

Latest AMCS Platform Release Makes World-Leading Technology Accessible for All
10 Jul 2020  |
AMCS Platform 8.3 will significantly cut implementation times and further increase the agility of waste and recycling operations.

In addition to a wide range of new features and enhancements – AMCS Platform 8.3 now provides for significant amounts of pre-configuration.  This ability to significantly reduce implementation time and associated costs will particularly benefit SME operators and removes a major barrier to these companies realising the benefits of technology.

The AMCS 8.3 release is designed to make companies more agile with greater automation, enhanced integration capabilities, and a further improved user experience. It builds on a release earlier this year which was focussed on companies gaining significant efficiencies.

Key features of AMCS Platform 8.3 include:

  • New Reporting & Analytics work centre
  •  Process optimised and redesigned Contract Management & Pricing Engine
  • Transformed Materials Work Centre with redesigned and optimised Inventory Management, Production Shifts & Material Sales capabilities
  • REST API providing secure and reliable integration of processes and data between operators’ on-premise, cloud and third-party applications 

“AMCS Platform guarantees companies a strong foundation from which they can proactively anticipate future developments”, according to Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director at AMCS. “Its integrated solutions help customers to leverage their key value drivers enabling them to increase revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency, and sustainability, while at the same time reducing costs.”

“Now more than ever, organizations need to be able to predict and rapidly adapt to market shifts and this release delivers exactly that. For example, the new features in 8.3 that focus on analytics and connectivity help our customers to create a more agile business,” Treacy explains. “The new self-service reporting capabilities together with AMCS Datamart and AMCS Platform Connectivity provide greater insight into businesses, while delivering connectivity and integration capability based on industry standards. Overall, this release demonstrates that AMCS Platform is built for change and innovation creating a competitive edge for its users,” she concludes.

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