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The world’s transport industry is a critical economic lynchpin, contributing over 5% to the national GDP of the US, and significantly impacting economies across the globe. Almost everything, from food to machinery, grocery products and garbage, is moved by truck.

Trucks impact our lives in other ways, too. They fill our highways, and for the safety of all and the integrity of our road systems, they are subject to weight limits. Weights are inspected at government weigh stations throughout the world, and when trucks are overweight, heavy fines are levied. Avoiding these fines, and the costly, wasted trips between loading dock and commercial scales, is a constant preoccupation of the trucking industry.

Like every industry, trucking is intensely competitive. To turn a profit, maximizing efficiency is critical, fuel costs must be watched carefully, and eliminating the risk of over-weight fines is essential. By helping drivers avoid the aggravation and inefficiencies created by out-of-route miles, check-weigh fees, government fines, over and under-weight loads, and reloading, Air-Weigh has saved the industry millions of dollars over the last two and a half decades. It is Air-Weigh’s mission to continue to develop innovative solutions to serve the industry now, and into the future.

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