Belt-Way Scales Inc.

Belt-Way Scales Inc. has been designing and manufacturing scale products to meet the accurate weighing needs across multiple industries and applications since 1992. Beltway Scales one of the industry’s leading conveyor belt scale manufacturers and our customers and distribution partners continue to place their trust in our product knowledge and expertise.

We are a customer service-focused company, providing practical engineering solutions to unique end user problems. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and engineering solutions that meet their needs.

Belt-Way Scales is proud to be a global leader in the manufacture of:

  • Universal Conveyor Belt Scales
  • Catenary Idler Scale
  • Gravimetric Flow Meters for free floating solid materials
  • Liquid integrator for liquid flow meters.
  • Production data & production reporting for efficiency analysis

Belt-Way Scales has dedicated sales, technical service, and engineering departments that are always available to assist with your before and after sale needs. Our product and application knowledge in gravimetric flow meter and belt scale manufacturing spans over 20 years. This enables us to identify, quote, and ship the correct product to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

Our products are manufactured in the USA by dedicated and passionate employees with the highest standards possible. We pride ourselves on producing a top value product—industry leading accuracy and quality at an affordable price.

Belt-Way Scales Inc. is a global company that operates through a global partner network of dedicated distributors and OEM accounts. We are dedicated to providing global support of our products to meet the growing sales and service needs of our customers. Currently, our partner network spans multiple continents and 34 countries and growing.

Belt-Way Scales Inc.
Belt-Way Scales Inc.
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