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Bezner Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmBH

Bezner has a long history dating back to 1899 when it was founded. The company started out as a manufacturer of special machines for wood treatment and screens. In the nineteen eighties Bezner became the first manufacturer of waste processing installations for the recovery of valuable materials. From that time on until today, Bezner develops, designs and builds not only single machines but also turn-key solutions for recycling and waste treatment. A lot of technical improvements, inventions and system solutions of that time, which are now state of the art are the result of pioneer work done by Bezner. In 2007 Bezner was taken over by the Heilig Group and after that Bezner took over the company Oswald Maschinenbau in 2010. The founder of the Heilig Group, Nico Maria Heilig, decided to create two companies:

Bezner Oswald and Bezner Anlagen und Maschinenbau GmbH, so both companies could focus on their specialized fields. Whereas Bezner Oswald is now focused on wood treatment machines, Bezner Anlagen und Maschinenbau is exclusively concentrating on recycling machines and conveyor systems. Nevertheless both companies can still contribute to the tradition of Bezner and Oswald. Today Bezner Anlagen und Maschinenbau GmbH has a wide range of recycling installations and recycling machines which they provide to customers worldwide. The main goal is still and will always be the long-term customer satisfaction and to deliver long-term and practical solutions that guarantee the lowest downtime and the longest durability. As an extra Bezner can benefit from all associated companies in the Heilig group and can guarantee their customers always the best performance.

Bezner Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmBH
Bezner Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmBH
Gildestrasse 11b
+49 0 5231 308 710


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