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Bijlsma Hercules BV

Bijlsma Hercules has made major contributions to the mechanization of agriculture. Started in 1938 as a farriery we have developed into a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment for receiving – unloading, grading and bagging potatoes or similar crops. The move from farriery to manufacturer of agricultural equipment is not as big as it seems. Franeker, the company’s headquarters, is situated in an important potato growing area in the north of The Netherlands. To improve their efficiency, seed-potato growers saw the increasing need for mechanization, and started challenging Bijlsma Hercules to fill in their requests. While the products offered in the past were mainly standard equipment, today there is standard flexible manufacturing for tailored equipment and installations.

Now that the third generation Bijlsma is at the helm, our red-and-yellow farm machinery can be found everywhere around the world. On every continent the quality and capacity of the ‘Bijlsma Hercules’ is unsurpassed. With more than 75 years of accumulated knowledge and experience we can always offer our customers the most optimum solutions. From our head office in Franeker we provide all necessary service to any address in the world.

Besides the agricultural related machines, Bijlsma Hercules also offers a line of industrial machines. You can think of special conveyors for glass, machines for processing of paper pulp, fish, sweets or recycled products and complete palletising and packaging lines. Also transporting of sand, gravel, fertilizer or cement is not strange to us and therefore you will find our machines in many world ports too.

Due to our agricultural background, we are accustomed to find the best practical solution for each logistical issue. This means you are guaranteed of the best interpretation for your business situation. High quality and durability are standard for us. With short lines of communication between all departments of our company you are ensured of a solid foundation for your and our project.

Contact us without obligation and discover for yourself why, once it is harvested, your product is in good hands at Bijlsma Hercules.

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Bijlsma Hercules BV
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