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BOA Recycling Solutions BV

BOA has a broad and deep experience in the field of waste processing and recycling. Established in 1956, the company has grown into an expert supplier of recycling equipment to companies all over the world.

BOA Recycling Solutions is a global supplier of machines and complete systems for transporting, shredding, sorting and baling of waste. Since its establishment in 1956 BOA has become a household name in the recycling industry.

With over 50 years of experience we are able to build powerful products and to design effective systems for recycling and processing waste. We are familiar with all aspects of the recycling industry and provide innovative, efficient solutions to different waste markets, such as waste paper and cardboard. We provide several solutions to companies active in the paper, cardboard and plastic industry as well.

BOA optimizes your waste streams and logistics effectively with proven technologies, such as baling, transporting, shredding or breaking.

BOA has a large sales and service network, with a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. We select our agents and service locations with care, in order to provide our customers the best service they need. Criteria, such as reliability, quick service and knowledge are leading.

Our after sales & service helps to keep your BOA installation in good condition, by providing many service activities, such as quick delivery of spare parts and preventive maintenance.

In 2007 BOA Recycling Solutionst became part of Stibbe Management Group. Stibbe Management is an industrial holding with companies active in the divisions Pharma & Fine chemicals, Food & Dairy and Environment. Each division contributes to a good synergy between each individual company in the areas of strategy, technology developments and shared services. Being part of the division Environment, BOA has been able to improve its market position even further. Feel free to contact us for more information.
BOA Recycling Solutions BV
BOA Recycling Solutions BV
Binnenhaven 43
7547 BG
+31 53 4300 300


Products by BOA Recycling Solutions BV

Bag openers
Baling presses
Horizontal balers
Bag openers
Belt feeders
Walking floor conveyors

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