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The company Butti has been operating for over 35 years, designing and building equipment for the industry and construction, establishing itself as a leader in the market thanks to the high quality of the products.

Strong experience gained over the years, gained thanks to the dedication of leaders and workers to their work, it has meant that over time the Butti mark has become a renowned brand in Italy and abroad, as associated with reliability and competence. B

utti equipment for the industry are in fact an integral part of the daily working lives of many people and businesses both in Italy and in the world: thanks to them, are handled, stored and contained the most different types of products and materials. Our products are designed ad hoc and are better solutions that aim to raise the quality of life for our customers.

Thanks to this way of working, the Butti operates a quality system certified UNI-EN-ISO3834 part 2 and the European mark of EWF welding. Beyond that, the products are all CE labeled with implementation of European standards EN and ASME code for America. Furthermore, all Butti accomplishments are subject to Tüv certification Product PROFiCERT the entity German TÜV Hessen.

Butti S.r.l
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