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For over fifty years, COPMA has been guided by technological expertise. Its name is to the fore in the design and production of high capacity telescopic hydraulic cranes, mounted on industrial vehicles, stationary and marine cranes.
The company is motivated by great passion: for detail, for power and for quality.

Today, it is a reference on worldwide markets and its cranes are commercialized in all five continents.

With a dynamic and flexible business mindset and with a grat vocation for the “know-how”, it always works alongside its customers to meet their needings.

The Products

COPMA cranes unicity is due to the variety and unicity of its applications.

Mounted on industrial vehicles, stationary or on ships (marine versions), they can also have a short secondary boom to allow height for the hook in order to load a second pallet under the column, a long main boom and inner telescopic cylinders like in the LP range, specifically designed for the Northamerican market, or the Z-type folding extensions like in the FS range, loaders used for wood, scrap and recycling.

They can also be accessorized with jib, radio remote controls, winches and lifting work platforms, wich are increasingly requested.


Complete production lines use the most modern systems to ensure maximum accurancy in the work. In every phase COPMA has a technical staff for quality control who regularly surveys the suppliers, verifying at the source the productionof the various details and components used on the machines.

Special attention is paid to the cranes’s critical components (carpentry, pivots, cylinders), of wich material, kind of treatment and final finishing are controlled.

The monitoring is operated on all the pre-painted parts – with a rigorous and periodically checked method – with the aid of hydraulic tools, specially projected for each of the production phases.
All the operations of mounting and final checking are carried out under the watchful eyes of ours operators and undergoes continuous testing.
COPMA also offers and oversses a service of crane mounting on trucks with the auxilium of connected assembly-shops.

Research & Development

The basic technology is highly advanced, whilst remaining simple and reliable, driving towards innovation and diversification.

Research and development are behind a productive cycle that belongs to heavy industry and takes advantage on continuous calculation tests, anspections and checks.

Thanks to softwares of the very latest generation, in the Technical Department hydraulic, multi-telescopic and structural functionalities are projected and improved.

The quality improvement and the product’s accrued safety are obtained by using special calculation programs interfaced with finished elements (FEM) and using an automatic and computerized test desk.

The introduction of electronics has represented an integrated management system for the crane, as it controls, runs and supervises all the manoeuvres that take place rigorously respecting the safety limits.
In addition, new models can have up to nine hydraulic telescopic extensions on the base crane plus six extensions on jib.

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