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Dutch Dryers. That’s been our name since 2007. For clients throughout the world that’s a name of great significance. Dutch Dryers is a Dutch company that is specialized in: development, building and maintenance of thermal drying systems. Their team has many years of experience in this field. They started out specializing in making drum dryers but now they also produce belt dryers – a unique combination of expertise that allows them to work with you to develop the very best thermal drying system.

  • Specialized in effective systems for organic waste flows that are difficult to dry, such as natural materials with long fibers or sludge with high moisture content.
  • Supplier of drum dryers and belt dryers.
  • Innovative and pragmatic; they enjoy working with their clients to develop new solutions for new applications. Your partner – from pilot project to process optimization.
Dutch Dryers BV
Woudenbergseweg 19 D-6
3707 HW
+31 (0) 343 44 99 66
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