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EMS Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions

Based in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, we are a market leader in the provision of innovative, high-tech, quality turnkey solutions for customers in the waste management and recycling sectors.

Recognised across the world for the delivery of quality, design-engineered recycling plant equipment that delivers, we are a fast-growing company which is focused on meeting the specific requirements of our clients in the public and private sectors – and exceeding their expectations.

Established in 2006 by one of Europe’s most respected and experienced engineers and materials handlers, Harry McCourt, EMS Recycle has grown from a company which started out by designing, supplying and fitting mobile tromells and picking stations to one which now delivers full, large-scale, purpose-built picking and recycling stations and equipment that successfully diverts millions of tons of waste from landfill every year.

Environmental Marketing Solutions  (EMS) – Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions

Backed by a skilled, experienced and dedicated team, we provide world-class systems for waste management across five continents which are delivered on time, within budget and to exacting requirements.

Trusted, reliable and with a growing list of satisfied customers, we have the experience, the skill, expertise and know-how to design, develop, manufacture and fully install equipment that delivers the solutions you need.

EMS Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions
EMS Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions
unit 3 110 Trewmount Road
bt71 7ef
United Kingdom


Products by EMS Turnkey Waste Recycling Solutions

Bag openers
Overband separators
Bag openers
Vibrating screens
Trommel screens
Optical sorting systems
Density separators
Eddy current separators
Magnetic separators
Stacking conveyors
Wet mist suppression systems

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