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Javelin Manufacturing

The founders of Javelin come from backgrounds that cover many disciplines in manufacturing, engineering and sales. This combined with their rich history in industries from water treatment, waste to energy, wood working, steel design, commercial paper baling, waste handling and recycling brought a great team together to address the expanding needs of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) market. On top of the expansive experience this team already possessed, one of the partners had experience in the scrap trade and had learned well from the people he called on in that trade. There was a combined experience in these businesses of in excess of 40 years.

Based on these backgrounds a new company was born, and Javelin Manufacturing was started in 2010. For years, the eddy currents being supplied to this marketplace were not as efficient as those being supplied to the scrap trade. The purchase was typically made based on the lowest price not the functionality. Recognizing this and coupled with the rising prices in the commodity of UBC’s Javelin saw an opportunity to raise the bar. Having been aware of eddy current technology by selling other brands over the years, Javelin brought the best features from many existing units together in a single device. The recovery rates from the very beginning far exceeded those to which the industry was accustomed. “The Throw Makes the Difference” in Javelin ads isn’t just hyperbole; the exceedingly longer throw from the Javelin in deed does make a difference in the bottom line of those plants that use them. With the success garnered in the MRF market Javelin embarked on expanding the product line with higher polarity and stronger eddy currents in 2011 and found acceptance in the scrap trade as well as the electronic scrap recovery markets.

Since this time the company has units in virtually every market to include those previously mentioned as well a glass cleanup, foundries, smelters, munitions recovery and many others.

The current product line also includes ultra-high gauss holding magnets as well as a full range of eddy currents from 8 pole to 36 pole units. The company is not standing still and is constantly working to come up with newer products as well as improve existing ones.

Javelin Manufacturing
4515 Engle Ridge Drive
Fort Wayne
United States


Products by Javelin Manufacturing

Overband separators
Eddy current separators
Magnetic separators

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