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JOVISA, S.L. began trading as a small garage repairing tractors in the village of Muro de Alcoy; they travelled between villages repairing mechanic breakdowns when necessary. On one occasion a customer asked them a specific machine; they invested the money in producing a small scale model of the machine they required. This took a year to develop and manufacture the new machine, and in 1970 they presented it: a continuous press to bale paper and cardboard.

At the beginning JOVISA, S.L. only had one factory where they manufactured hydraulic presses and continued to repair tractors and cars. Over a period of time the demand for the baling presses increased and the repairs to tractors etc. decreased. They took the decision to concentrate on the manufacture and development of hydraulic presses.

JOVISA, S.L., today try to offer the best customer service in a quick and effective way, giving a personal way by experienced and professional personnel. With the manufacture of these machines we are endeavoring to protect the environment by continually developing and improving the latest generation of machinery. JOVISA has progressed to become a modern Company incorporating all the latest technologies and several controls of quality.

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