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MAX-PAK / Waste Processing Equipment, Inc.

Who knows better what a tool needs to do, than the person who uses it?

Since 1976, Waste Processing Equipment, Inc. has been making high quality balers for the waste and recycling industries. It was something we had to do….because we’re also in the waste paper recycling business, and 34 years ago we couldn’t find a baler that performed the way we needed. So we built our own.

What we wanted in our baler are the same things youwant..and what MAX-PAK delivers in every baler

We needed a baler that would last. One that required very little maintenance. A baler that used superior hydraulics and electrical components. And most of all, a baler that could produce consistent and dense bales that we could transport easily and efficiently.

In 1976, such a baler didn’t exist, and so the MAX-PAK line of balers was born. Today, 34 years later, we still strive for perfection in every baler we build, whether we use it ourselves or manufacture it for somebody else.

MAX-PAK balers are designed for performance and efficiency, to save you money…and to make you money. Safety is also a top priority. So we build our machines with steel components that greatly exceed the minimum requirements, to withstand the pressures of baling without fear of frames buckling or walls bowing.

MAX-PAK durability is second to none. In fact, 90% of the balers we’ve ever built are still on the job. Can your other baler company say that?

We are truly committed to our machine, and to the satisfaction of every MAX-PAK customer

We take a personal interest in every machine we sell, and every customer we serve. It comes from our small town heritage. It’s who we are. So it also makes sense that we deliver and install every baler ourselves, and then train your operators before we leave. We want you to be a friend and a customer for a long time, so we go to great lengths to exceed every expectation you have…in a baler, and in a baler company.

And yes, we still use our balers in our own waste paper processing business

MAX-PAK / Waste Processing Equipment, Inc.
260 Dilbeck Road W.
United States


Products by MAX-PAK / Waste Processing Equipment, Inc.

Closed door balers
Manual tie balers
Single ram balers
Two ram balers
Baling presses
Vertical balers
Horizontal balers
Mobile compactors
Hopper feeders
Belt feeders

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