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The importance of human capital

Ménart is, above all, a human-scale company.

The company’s experience is the result of four generations who have succeeded each other, each in turn bringing their experience and know-how.

The addition of skills and the ability to listen to differences are a source for both evolution and individual and collective fulfilment. And it is this aspect which we try to develop daily, not only with our internal and external collaborators, but also with all our partners (clients, suppliers,…).

Thanks to its multi-skilled and experienced teams, Ménart advises you throughout the elaboration of your projects, and perpetuates daily itssupport thanks to a dynamic after-sales service.

Respecting the Environment

We stand side by side with those who are concerned by the utilisation, improvement, promotion and implementation of effective solutions for the treatment of waste and the management of green spaces.

Illustrating its philosophy

During the conceptual phase of its new site in Dour, Ménart also wanted to apply its durable development policy and so illustrate company philosophy by creating a plant which would respect the environment, be comfort-oriented and promote staff security without exceeding a defined budget.

Today this goal has been reached thanks to the low-energy consumption workshop and the “passive” certified office space. This, in turn, placed our company in second place on the Walloon podium and in first place on the Hainaut podium for an award for the “maison passive” certificate for a building of professional use.

Technological Innovations

Ever since its first projects, the Ménart company has made it a point of honour to create innovative, practical and robust machines.

And it is for this reason that Ménart, since 1970, has surrounded itself with competent assistantsand engineers.

To this day the team is comprised of no less than eight engineers who are commissioned to follow market technological progress and to develop new Ménart products.

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