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Molinos AFAU specializes in industrial shredding, drying, milling and densification processes

Since it was first established, the company has been committed to quality as the only valid tool of the future. In accordance with this premise, it has commercial agreements with the leading international manufacturers in each sector.

Our expertise and experience obtained over many years has allowed us to continue to develop our business as suppliers of facilities for producing animal feed, processing fodder and straw, treating biomass and compost and solid waste recycling systems. Molinos AFAU has gradually become the company of reference with respect to crushing, drying, milling and densification processes.

The main activity of Molinos AFAU is the development of complete facility projects, including: process design, preparation of facility and machinery drawings, supply of machinery, manufacture in our workshops, installation and start-up.

Molinos AFAU
Apdo. de Correos 95
50750 Pina de Ebro
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