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O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd

O.Kay Engineering is the UK’s leading supplier of design-and-build waste processing plants and custom conveyors.

Opened in 1950, our company has always designed and built its own quality machines and we have always offered them with exceptional friendly service because, 63 years after we first opened our doors, we are still a wholly-owned family business.

n 2010 we moved to a brand new 3,000m² combined design house and factory in Northamptonshire and it is here that our passion for innovation and our love of quality combine to create our extensive range of custom-made conveyors and processing plants. We have 50 design engineers, factory engineers and site engineers meaning we have the experience and resources to offer customers tailored solutions for their exact requirement.

To that end, we work with the customer on every project to ensure our solutions match the available budget, footprint and future operational requirements. We also underwrite every project with a set of performance guarantees to ensure every customer is fully protected.

As family business that designs, builds, installs and supports its own equipment, we believe we are the unique choice for anyone wanting a guaranteed, problem-free waste processing solution. We believe we can demonstrate our difference through:

  • Our fundamental belief in quality;
  • The control we have over our product;
  • The proven long-life of our machines and plants;
  • The performance guarantees we offer with each machine/plant;
  • The household names we have on our repeat-business reference list.

We believe we offer customers the best overall value.

O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd
O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd
Eagle Avenue Magnetic Park
NN14 2WD
United Kingdom
+ 01536 765010


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