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When we first pioneered the original Safetech device in 1986, we knew we had a winning product. To prevent accidents on conveyors and other hazardous machinery, we found a way to make a reliable system that could distinguish human beings from material. If anyone comes into the danger zone, Safetech switches off the machinery and avoids injury or death. It’s a very simple proposition and easily explains why today Safetech is protecting lives on hundreds of sites in the UK, and all over the world.

We know the installations are rugged and reliable – our earliest systems are still going strong after nearly thirty years of successful industrial operation.

But we can’t pretend it’s always been easy. We’ve put Safetech into some very hostile environments, with extremes of temperature and humidity, and often with high levels of background interference. Although you can create a virtual simulation of these conditions in the lab and workshop, what really counts is practical experience gained in the field.

We now know just how demanding some locations can be and we’ve refined and extended Safetech to become the sophisticated choice of systems currently available. Without those years of experience, we wouldn’t be where we are today, from basic knowledge like realising that a pager-style device clipped into a pocket is unlikely to survive in a tough industrial environment, to finding ways of creating effective detection without interfering with wireless networks and communications.

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