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Sikoplast Maschinenbau Heinrich Koch GmbH

Founded in 1956, we call ourselves as one of the “pioneers” in the plastics recycling industry.

The core business of Sikoplast is the development, production and sale of quite a number of different systems out of the recycling field. The range of products, offered by Sikoplast is continuously being extended & expanded. Means with other words, that the lines are always in respect to the technical level “up to date”, as with each line, erected at our clients, we gain more experience, which will be considered as new input for the next one.

Alongside conventional recycling plants for the preparation of production waste of all kind (however : limited to thermoplastic waste), our range today includes complete washing lines for e.g. to recycle PET bottles into clean flakes, besides the well introduced & accepted Sikorex series, where the re-granulation step is simply economized as the produced melt (out of edge trim in-line feeding) will be injected directly into any production extruder. The advantages of such a process are more than obvious, as besides an energy reduction of up to 50% , there will be no men power, low investment and a real short ROI time. Our scope of supply contains beside this individual components, like silos ,movable containers, automatic screen changers with one or two pistons, frames.

Why Sikoplast? We have almost 60 years of experience and more than 1.000 lines delivered to the world, we are regarded as “all-rounder” as in the position to deliver complete lines and / or individual components, main components for trade in are sourced by German suppliers, we are owing a lab-line where necessary trials can be carried out, our “job” doesn’t stop by delivering a line, but service is essential and not in theory, but in practice, quite important / well known companies are on our reference list, we serve the Non-Woven / Spin Bond or fiber industry in equal measure as for film, sheet/profile, pipe, injection molding process, due to the not too big size of the company, special tailor made solutions are our standard.

Sikoplast Maschinenbau Heinrich Koch GmbH
Sikoplast Maschinenbau Heinrich Koch GmbH
Aulgasse 176
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0049 2241 1745


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