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Trevi Benne has been producing and marketing technologies and tools for earth moving equipment since 1992, dealing in three major product lines:

  • equipment for demolition, handling and recycling of debris: manufacture of pulverizers, crushers and shears for metal, screening and crushing buckets for removal of rubble and site remediation;
  • excavator and loader buckets, quick attachments and special applications for excavators and bulldozers. Buckets made to order, enhanced thickness and anti-wear materials for heavy and precise jobs.
  • a new line for the forestry sector, with equipment for tree felling and volume reduction, and maintenance of forests and forest roads.

From the manufacture of standard items, the firm has evolved and distinguished itself with the production of purpose-built equipment, specifically designed for any type of job and working conditions. This enables us to offer an alternative solution for any individual situation, personalizing our products just like a made-to-measure suit. Today Trevi Benne provides unique and effective products in response to every request from our clients.

Trevi Benne
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Noventa Vicentina
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