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Zero Waste Recycling is an innovative and environmentally sustainable printer recycling service brought you by BCMY Ltd.

BCMY Ltd. are recycling experts since 2002 and bring dependable efficiency to each stage of the usage cycle of printer consumables.

Our new service is aimed at businesses who want to lower their impact on the environment, increase their Corporate Social Responsibility, and improve their duty of care over their printer consumable waste.

We reduce the impact of waste cartridges on the environment by reusing cartridges that are able to be refilled and repairing broken but reusable cartridges. For those consumables that cannot be reused we recycle them back into their raw materials for reuse in other products. We carry out this entire recycling process on one site to minimize the environmental impact of transportation on the service.

Our unique technology gives the ability to manage significant volumes for numerous clients who can monitor their accounts remotely.

BCMY Ltd. having kept pace with increasing volume and service demands and operates from a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse with an integrated waste processing facility.

Zero Waste Recycling
Units 1-2 Marlborough House, 28 Chartwell Road
BN15 8TU
West Sussex
United Kingdom
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