Andela Glass Pulverizer Produces “Friendly Glass”

ANDELA "Friendly Glass"
The questions most people interested in pulverizing recycled glass ask are; - What will I do with it? Who will buy it? Who will pay the most money for the recycled glass product I produce?

The answers to these questions will depend on your local market. Local markets are virtually unlimited and since they are local, the high cost of hauling this heavy commodity will not eat away profitability. The key is to collect, process, and sell locally.

To find the local markets you need to know:

  • What am I selling?
  • What are its advantages?
  • What are my customer’s needs?
  • Can I tailor my product to more closely meet a potential customer’s existing specification?
  • Does my product offer my potential customer any advantages over his existing material?
The Andela Glass Pulverizer System

These are all important questions and when you understand the advantages of using pulverized glass, you can answer these questions.

The ANDELA PULVERIZER SYSTEM produces a glass aggregate that is clean and has no sharp edges. This is why it is called “friendly glass”. The pulverized glass material is so “friendly” it is used by ANDELA employees in many applications at home. It is used as landscape material, driveway filler and other construction material supplements such as drainage sand or gravel. The ANDELA GLASS PULVERIZER processes glass into material that ranges from fine sand to pea gravel sized aggregate.

When material processed through an ANDELA PULVERIZER SYSTEM is viewed using optically enhanced equipment, its unique cubical shape is apparent. Safety and ease of handling make this material a marketable commodity. This is our big advantage. Many applications not previously deemed suitable for recycled glass due to its sharp and aggressive characteristics are now accessible to you with an ANDELA GLASS PULVERIZER.

The Andela Glass Pulverizer System is unique in its ability to pulverize ALL types of glass.

Your local markets may offer more possibilities than we have listed on the following page but here are some of the uses that ANDELA GLASS PULVERIZER customers have found for their processed glass.

Markets for Andela Pulverized Glass:

Glassphalt – Paving Applications
Aggregate Base Course, Asphalt Base Course-Glassphalt, Asphalt Surface Course-Glassphalt, Parking Lots and Driveways.

Backfill/Clean Fill, Embankments, Hydroponics, Landfill Cover, Oil Spill Cleanup, Road Sand, Termite Barrier, Utility Bedding and Backfill, Weighted Bags-Construction,

Wastewater Filter sand or gravel Filter Sand for Septic Tank Systems.

Choker Grit, Drain Pipe Bedding, Backfill, Drainage Aggregate, Septic Fields, Underdrains, French Drains.

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