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Debris Mitigator that Prolongs the Life of the Conveyor Belt

29 Sep 2020  |
Endura-Veyor Inc. would like to announce the Debris Mitigator which prolongs the life of the conveyor belt.

Fine, shredded materials can cause maintenance problems for conveyors and conveyor belts. This feature provides a way for material that migrates underneath the belt to exit through the frame, so it does not collect and build-up between the belt and the frame.

The Debris Mitigator reduces maintenance time required for cleaning the belt and the frame prolonging the life of the belt and reducing costly downtime as well as providing a quick visual check for build-up. This unique feature is also offered with attachable recapture trays so that fine materials and debris from the conveyor belt can be collected in a cleaner more efficient way.

The Debris Mitigator is available on a variety of conveyor types such as Cleated Belt, Boxwall Belt, Flat Belt, and others for eScrap, Document Destruction, Recycling, and Shredding applications. Minimize maintenance with the Debris Mitigator.

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