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Product Launch at IFAT: EmiControls Turns Stationary Fire Protection Upside Down

Product Launch at IFAT: EmiControls turns Stationary Fire Protection upside down
EmiControls has been working since 2011 to develop innovative solutions for fire protection and the targeted control of dust and odors worldwide. The use of water mist technology plays a key role in this. At IFAT 2024 in Munich, the South Tyrolean company is launching a new product for stationary fire protection, which will be presented at the unveiling event on the first day of the trade fair at 2 pm.

From May 13-17, everything in Munich (GER) will once again revolve around the topic of recycling. IFAT Munich is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. EmiControls will once again be presenting special highlights this year. This time, the exhibition at the trade fair will not only focus on tried and tested products, but will also include some new products. On the one hand, the company is presenting a brand-new product in the field of stationary fire protection, about which not too much is actually to be revealed yet. But one thing is guaranteed: This product is flexible, precise and reliable and opens up completely new perspectives that will offer the fire protection world new possibilities in the future. It will play a central role in the future, particularly as a component of our complete solution, a fully automatic extinguishing system. Each EmiControls extinguishing system is adapted to the specific needs of the customer based on the given circumstances on site and is therefore very flexible to use as a complete package.

A new version of CURTpro awaits you this time for the dust sector. The control software can monitor all dust binding machines and the associated components of a system and control them independently of each other in real time – all at the click of a mouse. There is also an announcement for the dust sector: We are also pleased to present a revised version of the V22Orca. The V22Orca is the first hybrid dust control machine on the market that can tackle dust safely and easily all year round, both in summer and winter. It has been specially developed for cold countries and quickly produces snow in icy temperatures.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of fire protection, as well as in dust and odor suppression, we have already been able to help many customers throughout Europe to reduce their problems and protect their facilities and employees with our individual solutions.  

The heart piece of your system – CURTpro

The fully automated CURTpro management software monitors the dust binding machines and all associated components of a system and controls them in real time. CURTpro is an intelligent and easy-to-use control system. Individually configurable settings allow the system to respond seamlessly to signals from connected sensors, setting new standards. The software can be conveniently operated from a PC anywhere in the world, all at the click of a mouse. Since CURTpro works fully automatically, the sole responsibility for dust and odor control no longer rests on the shoulders of the plant operator or workers. CURTpro works completely autonomously and also optimizes the use of resources.

V22Orca – Dust binding machine for extreme weather conditions

The V22Orca is a hybrid dust binding machine that has been specially developed for cold countries. When icy temperatures make dust binding with water mist impossible, the V22Orca simply produces snow – an absolute novelty on the market. Until now, there have been isolated solutions with normal snow guns, but these are not suitable for binding dust in summer. In addition, they are not stable enough to be used as a mobile application (e.g. on a truck). Dust binding machines with built-in heaters also reach their limits above certain sub-zero temperatures, as they only produce freezing rain.

The V22Orca, on the other hand, guarantees efficient dust binding all year round. Basically, this hybrid solution can also be called a machine of extremes, as it can efficiently fight dust in summer up to +50°C (with water mist) and in winter down to -25°C (with snow).

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At EmiControls, we offer tailor-made solutions to fight fires, dust, and odors – and we do it with the help of water mist. The small droplets of water achieve a far better effect than conventional...

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