The EVK Stream SUPERVISOR Increases the Performance of Industrial Facilities

The EVK Stream SUPERVISOR Increases the Performance of Industrial Facilities
21 Apr 2022  |
Industrial imaging expert EVK introduces the EVK Stream SUPERVISOR. This software uses hyperspectral data to monitor material and product flows in real time, meaning clients benefit from increased plant efficiency.

Typical applications for the EVK Stream SUPERVISOR are in the process lines of the waste and recycling industries, the mining sector and the food industry. Hyperspectral data is used to determine the material composition and distribution of material flows, which in turn influence key parameters in the production process. The resulting optimization directly increases the facility’s efficiency, helps to save resources and controls the product quality.

The EVK Stream SUPERVISOR makes the material distribution as well as the amount and composition of the material on the conveyor belt available to its users as information in a live stream. The software can connect several EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras at different measuring points and evaluate and display the data in real-time.

Matthias Kerschhaggl, CTO of EVK, explains: ‘In developing the EVK Stream SUPERVISOR we are following our vision to provide our clients with key data for smart factories. We are extending our offer for the entire value chain, starting from data acquisition, to processing and utilizing the key data.

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