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Eriez®  Introduces Dynamic Pulley Separators  

Eriez®  Introduces Dynamic Pulley Separators  
Eriez® is expanding its extensive line of recycling equipment with the introduction of Dynamic Pulley Separators which are designed to liberate entrapped steel and weakly magnetic fines from recycled materials. This equipment increases profitability by improving downstream separation and the grade of non-ferrous metals.

The versatile Dynamic Pulley Separator is ideally suited for recovering ferrous fines from ASR and Waste-To-Energy bottom ash. 

Positioned upstream from an eddy current separator, the high-strength Dynamic Pulley Separator uses a Rare Earth permanent magnet pulley rotating at an off-set speed from the belt, creating an agitating magnetic field. This improves ferrous recovery or removal and allows non-ferrous material to continue to downstream equipment.  

For ASR applications, the Dynamic Pulley Separator can be used with weaker magnetic drums to recover ferrous nuggets from the ASR stream.  Discarded fines material that has passed through the initial screening process goes to the Dynamic Pulley Separator for removal of ferrous. The non-ferrous fraction can then be further processed on an Eddy Current Separator.  

“The agitating action generated the Dynamic Pulley Separator allows for fine ferrous to be recovered while freeing up valuable non-ferrous metals to be recovered downstream,” observes Chris Ramsdell, Eriez Recycling Product Manager. The Eriez DPS helps to debulk and reduce material burden upstream of eddy current separators and other downstream non-ferrous separation equipment providing for improved Zorba grade and recovery.” 

The new Dynamic Pulley Separator is also effective for ferrous removal from plastics, rubber and similar materials. These separators provide a high-powered agitating magnetic field to pull metal contaminants out of the product flow, improving purity and protecting downstream equipment from damage.  

The Dynamic Pulley Separator is available in 40-inch and 60-inch widths and can be accommodated for base or suspended mounting ahead of an eddy current separator.

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