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REP-TEC's New Baler Refurbishment Service Paves the Way for a Sustainable Future

REP-TEC's New Baler Refurbishment Service Paves the Way for a Sustainable Future
22 Mar 2024  |
REP-TEC, a key player in the twin ram baler market, is delighted with the continued success of its new baler refurbishment service, marked by recent collaborations with Parry & Evans and QC Polymers. The new refurbishment service not only underscores REP-TEC’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions but it also aligns seamlessly with its sustainability strategy.

At a time when sustainability is paramount, REP-TEC’s new refurbishment service plays a vital role in extending the lifespan of old, used equipment, thus reducing the environmental footprint associated with manufacturing new machinery. By revitalising used twin ram balers, REP-TEC ensures that these machines remain functional, keeping them in use and in the market for significantly longer periods.

Colm Grimes, owner of REP-TEC states,

We are delighted with how popular this service has become since its launch late last year. This refurbishment service goes beyond repairs; it’s about enhancing the performance and longevity of balers, contributing to a more sustainable future. We use our team’s experience in designing and manufacturing our own twin ram balers and put it into these refurbishments, ensuring that each machine operates at peak efficiency, while minimising environmental impact. This results in the customer getting many more years of service from their machine.”

QC Polymers and Parry & Evans, who both process large amounts of recyclable material, required fully automatic balers to increase their efficiency. Opting for used twin ram balers also aligned with their own sustainability goals and they turned to REP-TEC to service and refurbish these machines.

QC Polymers Refurbished Ken Mills Baler

REP-TEC was able to provide QC Polymers with a refurbished Ken Mills Aries model from its stock. In line with the company’s rigorous refurbishment process, the baler underwent extensive repairs and servicing to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The refurbishment included stripping down the machine, relining it with Hardox, replacing the ejector cylinder, servicing the wire tie system, and conducting a full clean down and repaint. The baler underwent thorough testing at REP-TEC’s headquarters in Dungannon, N. Ireland, before being installed and commissioned on-site in Wolverhampton. During this process, on-site training was also provided to QC Polymers’ staff.

QC Polymers who supply high-quality PET flakes at competitive prices, were delighted with the results, praising REP-TEC for their dedication on-site for long hours to ensure the installation was completed on time. 

Parry and Evans Refurbished Harris Two Ram Baler

Similarly, Parry & Evans’ decision to embrace a refurbished Harris two ram baler highlights the economic and environmental advantages of the service. The family-run business recently took receipt of a refurbished Harris two ram baler from REP-TEC. The company which processes over 3,000 tonnes of material per week, required a replacement plastic baler for their Welshpool site to increase efficiency and productivity.

REP-TEC restored this baler to its former peak performance. This included relining the floors with Hardox 450, conducting a thorough service of the hydraulic system with refinements and hose replacements, rebuilding the entire press plate, installing new sensors, fitting new shear blades and repainting. Accent were brought in to service the wire-tie system and then the baler was put through extensive testing before being released. The outcome of this refurbishment was remarkable, offering the customer a range of tangible benefits and leaving them thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Lee Evans, Director of Parry and Evans says,

“The refurbished baler that we have received from REP-TEC, has been transformed into a baler that would rival brand-new models on the market. Colm and the team at REP-TEC were as good as their word and stuck to what they said they would do. The attention to detail and level of testing during the refurb was second to none. We were very impressed with the steps taken to ensure the baler’s optimal performance. From relining the floors with Hardox to a full hydraulic system service, including replacement of hydraulic hoses, every part of the baler has been meticulously dealt with. After several weeks in operation, we are delighted with its performance!

Both refurbished balers stand proudly on-site at QC Polymers and Parry and Evans, looking as good as new!

REP-TEC’s baler refurbishment service demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability, offering customers an environmentally responsible alternative to purchasing new equipment. REP-TEC continues to set new standards in recycling solutions through its high-quality equipment and innovative solutions. The company looks forward to further collaborations and success stories as it continues to grow and expand its offerings in the market.

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